Girl Gets Awesome Revenge on Internet Creep Trying to See Her Naked


For every thousand tales of Internet trolldom that end ... well, that have no end and just go on forever, leading us all to believe that, to put it eloquently, everything sucks, there's a handful of stories that conclude with an uplifting twist. Even if they're super icky and make you think, "Dear God, why would anyone ever do that?", they end with poetic justice being served to a troll. Like this one:

Some creepo posted in the subreddit group Doppelbangher (a thread that finds everyday gals' porn twinsy) a plea to find his "high school friend's" porn look-alike. Yep, he posted a photo of this girl and all. But things got revenge-y when someone alerted the teen that this dude was looking to see her naked, and she actually responded to him -- on Reddit.


The girl posted, under the name wtfisthisbull, the message: "She looks pretty identical to this girl! ;)", and when he clicked on the embedded link, a photo of her holding up a sign that read "You're disgusting" came up.

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Immediately, after this happened, the original poster deleted the request, but apparently some friendly Redditors helped her find out who posted it. End scene.

I think it goes without saying that this subreddit, like many subreddits, is, well, disgusting. But more-so, this seems like a huge invasion of privacy. I know that anything you post on the Internet is no longer "private", but uploading a picture of someone who isn't yourself and asking people to see if they can find their porn doppelganger takes things to a new level. Jesus, if you're so desperate to find a lookalike, just go watch a bunch of porn yourself and see what you drum up.

This girl is awesome. What she did was awesome. Her execution was awesome. Hopefully, it'll stop more pervs from posting to this subreddit out of fear they'll get busted.

Because I highly doubt they're going to stop for any other reason. Morality? Bitch, please.

What do you think of this?


Image via striatic/Flickr

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