Vine Is the Best Way to Share Videos of Your Kids -- Try It!

Vine is the latest video-sharing app to hit the iPhone and it's pretty amazing. Whereas most social video apps force you to think of video as a two-minute endeavor involving titles, a three-act action sequence, and credits, Vine is quick and dirty: you take videos of up to six seconds. The videos loop endlessly when you view them later and you can stop and start the recording of a new video just by tapping the screen. This lets you take quick shots from multiple angles or even make simple animations.

In short, it's my favorite video app right now. Here's why.


It makes you think before you shoot - When you have minutes if not hours of video storage space, you tend to shoot for minutes if not hours. If you have only six seconds, you have to make the video count. You're not expected to be a pocket Scorsese because you just don't have the leeway to get lazy.

I've found that Vine has made me think of video in a different way. You can "play" with video in a way that you rarely ever have the chance to do using "real" tools. I'm also noticing I'm taking more video using Vine than with my iPhone camera.

It's easy and popular - My biggest problem with social video apps is the preparation necessary to shoot video. While it's not amazingly hard to grab a few minutes of action with apps like SocialCam and Spreecast, it's still a bit more complex than I'd like. Vine lets you log in using your Twitter account (it's owned by Twitter) and Vines appear right in your Twitter stream. It's also important that Vine is getting popular so your content won't be stuck in a graveyard of forgotten videos.

It's great for grabbing life's little moments - I've noticed that I rarely upload video but I tend to upload lots of photos. Vine is like Instagram for video. I can grab little videos like this one. It also lets you tell a little story in less time than it takes to write a text status update or tweet. Sure, it sounds lazy, but when you have to cook dinner and change a 1-year-old, it's nice to have the option to send the in-laws a quick video rather than an email.

It's a great way to spy on the world - Sites like and see random things like this lady unlocking an iPhone with her tongue for some reason. It's mesmerizing. Seriously.

Vine is only available for the iPhone right now, but you can probably expect it on Android soon. Give it a try and show us some of your favorite Vines.

Do you use Vine to take video? What do you think?

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