Couple Wins Lottery Twice in One Weekend & Immediately Starts Worrying About Bad Luck

lotto ticketsWhen Steve Weaver scratched off the $20 lottery ticket he bought at T. Ricks in central Arkansas, he was shocked to see that he had won one million dollars. In fact, he thought there might be something wrong, and he and his wife Terri checked the ticket "a hundred times." After confirming that Steve had, evidently, hit the jackpot, the Weavers rode the luck wave and decided that Terri should also play the lotto, so she bought a $10 ticket and, well, this husband-wife duo won the lottery twice in one weekend.

Terri won $50,000, bringing their two-day total to $1,050,000.

Lucky. Bastards. Thing is, though, they weren't initially excited about it. They were scared ... and actually afraid to claim their winnings.


Steve told Fox News:

I just couldn't believe it. It's not possible. I thought we were going to have to go do a lie detector test. And put our hand on the Bible. It's unbelievable. It's just unbelievable.

Dude, I'm with you, Steve. If my husband and I both won the lottery, separately, within 48 hours, I'd be terrified. I'd be convinced that an asteroid was heading for our house, that the Earth was going to open up and swallow me whole, or that an airplane would release the frozen contents of its bathroom over my home and the freezing pile of shit would come crashing through my roof, into my living room.

Because that's happened before, and can happen again.

Luck is a freaky thing and I completely understand why Steve and Terri would be weirded out. As luck would continue to have it for them, nothing was wrong with their tickets and they're now $1.05 million richer. They plan to keep working, invest some of the money, and carry on buying lottery tickets.

After all, diligence is the mother of good luck.

How would you feel if this happened to you?


Photo via aaronmcintyre/Flickr

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