Oprah Responds to Nasty Twitter Troll in a Most Un-Oprah Way

oprahThanks to social media, everyday people like you and me get to talk shit to rich powerful celebrities whenever we so choose. (If you aren't educated in this phenomenon, I suggest you take a leisurely gander at Kim Kardashian's Instagram account.) People obviously do it, because, duh, everyone has balls of steel when they're hiding behind a computer, an avatar, and a cryptic screen name; also -- odds are, unless you're talking smack to Rihanna, the celebrity isn't going to take time out of his or her busy schedule to address haters.

But once in a while, a comment is so rude, so unnecessary that even Oprah Winfrey can't overlook it. That's right, Queen O actually tweeted back to a troll who wrote, "Damn. Oprah looks old as hell tonight."

And it's not the zen, Oprah-esque response you'd expect.


"Old as hell?" Oprah tweeted back. "Really?"

I highly doubt kp1lady thought O was going to call her out, but she did, so she's burnt.

Personally, I'm a fan of celebs firing back to people who write obnoxious things to them. Why shouldn't they? Yes, it's like feeding the beast and, in some ways, doing exactly what a troll wants, but just because they're a celebrity, and held to a higher standard than everyone else, doesn't mean their feelings aren't hurt when you say they look "old as hell." And doesn't mean they can't react in the most human way possible -- to attack back.

If you're going to dish out it to celebs on Twitter, be prepared to take it. Yes, it's rare that they'll actually respond, but you do know you're pretty much talking shit directly to them, right?

Have you ever written to a celeb on Twitter?


Image via VTK Productions/Flickr

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