9 Super Awesome Things You Need to Google Now

baby alpaca

We recently shared with you the super effed up things you should never, ever, ever -- ever -- Google, and odds are, being that we're all creatures of curiosity (with a kiss of masochism), you probably Googled these horrid things, forever burning them into your brain. We want to undo that. And we don't want to get sued for irreparable emotional injuries. So we're going to fill your brain with hearts and unicorns and cartwheels and things that can make even the most hardened of Internet users go, "Awwww ..."

Here are 9 things you should Google right now if you want to feel good about the web, and the world in general. Hey, we'll even provide the links. These things made us feel that great.


I Can Haz Cheeseburger. It's a website. And you've probably heard of it. But when was the last time you whiled away precious work hours perusing their LOL cats and adorable photos? Answer: Probably not recently enough.

Floating Cat GIF. Google Image "Floating Cat GIF" and you get this. Nuff said.

George Takai's Facebook Page. There's a reason the Star Trek actor has almost 3.5 million likes of Facebook -- because he posts incredibly funny, incredibly thought-provoking photos, stories, and status updates. And he's never, ever mean-spirited, which is like finding an electronic four-leaf clover.

Feminist Ryan Gosling. The Tumblr, which is now also a book, pairs smokin' hot photos of Gosling (is there any other kind?) with pithy, feminist captions. Never. Gets. Old.

Ryan Gosling. Just Google Image Ryan Gosling. Do it. Do it, do it, do it. 

Cute Overload. Thousands of squee-worthy photos of super cute animals doing super cute things.

Baby Alpaca. Google Image it. You'll die when you see the results. Seriously, call 911 before doing this. 

"Dick in a Box". It's impossible not to at least smile when watching this classic Saturday Night Live video.

The Stir's "LOLs for Moms" Pinterest page. Follow this board of ours on Pinterest! Warning: Lots of Ryan Gosling. 

What Internet-y things put you in a good mood?


Image via distar97/Flickr

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