7 Handy Facebook Shortcuts You Didn't Know About

facebookWho doesn't love a good shortcut? Nt ths grl! It seems like anything that'll save people a few minutes these days is the equivalent to a pot of gold. We're all so busy, right?!!! Ack!!! Anyway, if you take things that will save people time -- shortcuts -- and combine them with everyone's favorite social networking site -- Facebook -- you basically have invented time travel, and deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. Or a Pulitzer. Or, Christ, a soda. Something.

Here are 7 handy Facebook shortcuts you probably don't know about.


Note: These shortcuts are for if you're operating on a Mac OS X and the browser Firefox ('cause that's what I'm rolling with right now). Windows shortcuts, as well as shortcuts for the browsers Chrome and Safari, are available, also. Forbes published the complete list, but here are some highlights:

To write a new message: control + alt + M

To go to the home page: control + alt + 1

To get to your profile page: control + alt + 2

To friend request: control + alt + 3

To get to your messages: control + alt + 4

To like or unlike photos: L

To get to your privacy settings: control + alt + 7

How awesome is that, guys? Instead of having to go through the time-consuming, laborious task of moving your mouse and clicking a button, you can use these handy shortcuts. And less time Facebooking means more time ... I don't know, what do you do when you're not Facebooking?

How much time a day do you spend on Facebook?


Image via soundfromwayout/Flickr

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