Gas Station Robber’s Holdup Fails So He Tries Crying All Over His Victim Instead (VIDEO)

robber criesIt's the second time in five days that there's news of a robber breaking down in tears after being confronted by the clerk he was trying to rob. The first took place in a Washington state Papa John's, and this one went down in a German gas station. The stories are the bizarrely similar, though: man walks in with mask and knife, demands cash, then weeps uncontrollably.

And no, no tear gas was used in the making of these robberies.


In Germany, the would-be victim hit the panic button when he saw the intruder, then grabbed a bat and started beating up the burglar. Moments later, unharmed and scared, it would seem, the bad guy sobbed on the clerk's shoulder, then sat on the floor crying, until he was handcuffed and taken away.

Unlike the instance at the Papa John's, this time the cops were called and there will likely be consequences for this weepy robber.

It's difficult to really dive too deep into this story since there's no sound, but regardless, it's a visceral experience to see people cry. Even though he made the bad decision to threaten a gas station attendant with a knife, I can't help but feel sympathy for him when he starts shedding tears.

And if I'm not mistaken, the attendant, too, feels for the guy and it looks like he hands him some napkins to dry his tears. Or is that a bag of white donuts or something? Either way, it was clearly a kind gesture.

After all, kindness (and, sure, donuts) make the world go round.

Would you be kind to someone who just came at you with a knife?


Photo via appworld7/YouTube

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