Man Sells Himself on Amazon in Most Brilliant Resume Ever

philippe dubost resume
Philippe's Resume

It's hard to be original when trying to get a job these days. It seems like every good idea has been taken, along with some, um, not so good ideas. But Philippe Dubost managed to do the seemingly impossible and set himself apart from the rest of the employment-seeking pack by creating what could be the best resume ever. Dubost, a web product manager, created an imitation Amazon page for himself, replete with customer ratings; an "add to cart" button (which leads you to his contact info); and a "Only 1 left in stock -- order soon" notification. It's genius. And there's no way this guy isn't getting a million job offers. 


Dubost's resume went viral (yes, a resume can go viral), and he now has tons of people re-posting the page and asking him questions via Twitter. My personal favorite is when one person asked him why he had so many "1-star customer reviews", and he replied with: "Lots of ex-girlfriends."

The thing about this resume that really seals the deal isn't just that it's totally original, it's the fact that clearly this dude can do his job. I mean, he's a web product manager, and his product is currently all over the Internet.

So, kids, take note. No longer are the days of firing off a "To Whom It May Concern" letter and attaching your ready-made resume that says "Good Interpersonal Skills" in the bottom right corner. If you want to get your dream job, you have to create a bogus web page. No pressure there.

Have you ever done anything creative to land a job?

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