Girl Does the Unthinkable With a Tampon to Become a YouTube Star in Most Disgusting Viral Video Yet

tamponsThis weekend, I literally saw the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life on the Internet. And that's saying a lot. Actually, full disclosure, I didn't even see this thing in its entirety. I had to stop the video, as I knew I'd never be able to unsee it, but I saw enough. You guys: A girl named Giovanna Plowman -- AKA "Tampon Girl" -- ate a dirty feminine hygiene product just so she could become YouTube famous. (That's the most euphemistic way I could possibly put it.)


To be honest, I debated about even writing about her, as I really don't want to give her any more "fame" than she already has, but I couldn't stop thinking of the idiocy and general grossness of the entire thing, along with the question: "What does Internet fame even mean?", so I decided to share.

In short, this is dumb. Reallllly dumb. Up there with one of the dumbest things ever on the Internet. And to be totally forthcoming, many, including myself, are questioning the authenticity of this whole thing (thinking maybe it's ketchup or something), because someone. Can't. Really. Be. That. Dumb. But regardless, it's disgusting. And regardless, there's a face attached to this stunt -- whether it's real or not -- and this is going to forever screw this girl over.

Imagine for a moment you're interviewing someone for a job, and you Google their name, as employers are wont to do, and ... you find this. Would you ever hire this person? Would you ever date this person? Would you want your kid being friends with this person? It's insane. And for what? For 15 minutes of asinine Internet fame that won't lead to anything remotely good.

The profile description on Giovanna's Twitter, which at the time of writing this, has over 150,000 followers, reads: "Official twitter account of giovanna plowman. :) hii i'm the new youtube star i ONLY made that video cause it was a dare, and i wanted to get famous!" Yeah. And she's supposedly even gotten into a Twitter fight with a legitimate actress -- Nickelodeon starlet, Ariana Grande, who wrote: "Giovanna Plowman. Girl what is wrong witchu?" Plowman responded: "Get some t***, and get famous, then come back to me. Bye. YOU're not on MY level... smh... Ariana is trending thanks to me, I'm making this girl famous. Shame on me. No one actually knows her... YOU got ur followers from me you're stupid. You prolly jumping in your bed and screaming 'OMG GIOVANNA TWEETED ME OMG OMG.'" Whether this is the real account of Plowman or not is being questioned also, but let's not let something important go unnoticed here: The account of a girl who ate her own tampon has over 150,000 followers.

Plowman also is supposedly going to be on Tosh.0 now, also. She or "she" tweeted: "OMG! SO I JUST FOUND OUT IM GOING TO BE ON TOSH.O!!! One of Daniel Tosh's agents got ahold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on their show! This is amazing. Like I never thought it would get this big. And of course I'll be going."

To be honest, I really hope this is some weird social experiment, conducted by MIT researchers who are studying something about the lengths people will go to for Internet notoriety. Because if this is in fact real, and someone really did do this to get a lot of Facebook friends and Twitter followers -- which mean nothing in real life! -- it may be the end of civilization as we know it.

Um ... thoughts? (And, no, I will not include this video!)


Image via ecastro/Flickr

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