Woman Texting Falls Into Ice Cold Canal & It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

You seriously can't make this stuff up. A woman named Laura Safe was texting her boyfriend and walked herself right into an icy canal. And no, I am not joking, her last name is really Safe. She is a radio personality in Birmingham, England and is thankfully fine. She even managed to throw her purse and phone to safety before she completely submerged. Pretty impressive!

Luckily there was someone there to lift her out of the freezing water and so the only lingering issue is her new fear of texting and some lumps of embarrassment. Safe even gave an interview (below) where you can see her describe how she managed to get tripped up and what she thinks about it now.

It is safe to say this whole texting on-the-run is becoming a hilarious and disturbing trend.


What on earth is so important that it can't wait? Or how much in a rush must you be that you can't stop for the 20 seconds it will take to send your text. I won't even get into the many, many people that text while driving. At least when you text and walk you are only putting yourself at risk ... well, for the most part.

But really -- when will people learn? We've seen a woman text herself right off a pier, another text her way into the fountain at a local mall, and a texting pilot narrowly escape a plane crash. Maybe we need to resume those talks of a ban on texting while walking -- because if people can't save themselves maybe they need some help.

Okay ... so I don't believe this problem warrants a new law -- but come on people!

Listening to Laura Safe tell her side of things is all sorts of fantastic!

And here is the actual fall ... which you don't want to miss.

Do you walk and text? And if so -- does seeing something like this make you stop?


Image via 5MinMedia

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