Lost Dog Reunited With Family After His Photo Goes Viral on Facebook

Not Alfie. Another cute dog.
In case you thought Facebook was only good for baby photos, political rants, and iPhone screenshots of what the weather is somewhere you don't live, there's this awesome and vindicating story: A 5-year-old Pomeranian named Alfie was reunited with his owners after being lost for three scary days, thanks to a "lost dog" group on the social networking site.

But the crazy part is how the owners stumbled upon the page.


After realising (they're Brits) that their pup had escaped the backyard due to a gate that had blown open, Nora Thomas and her children went down the familiar avenues: They searched around; they plastered the town with posters. But everything they did was futile. So Alysia, the 18-year-old daughter of the family, decided to do what most 18-year-olds do: She Googled.

Apparently, one of the first results that came up was Lost Dogs of Adelaide -- a volunteer-run service that has more than 13,400 "likes" on Facebook, and claims to have a 50 percent success rate of finding lost pets. After getting in touch with Lost Dogs, Alfie went viral. He was found six miles from his home, and was returned safe and sound.

I Google everything. In fact, in the middle of writing this post, I Googled various things ("kilometers to miles"; "slow cooker chicken recipe"), but I'm not so sure I'd immediately think to Google "lost pet" were something to, god forbid, happen to my dog. It's nice to know there are sites like this out there. And that Facebook is good for more than just photos of people's dinner. 

Have you ever lost your pet?


Image via miss karen/Flickr

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