Women Show Their Team Spirit by Snapping Photos of Their Breasts

kuboobsWhen I say Twitter, you say boobs. Twitter, boobs! Twitter, boobs! That is the national anthem of the social networking site, right? That and some diddy about regular people yelling at celebrities. And a haiku about a hashtag. Twitter is all about the boobs, people. Hell, the Internet is all about the boobs. And if you don't believe me, I'd like to draw your attention to the account KUBoobs, where ladies show their support for the University of Kansas basketball team by taking photos of their mumbly-jumblies. I mean, duh.


The profile description on the account, which as of now has over 31,000 followers, reads: "We support our #kubball team by tweeting ourselves in KU shirts and apparel. We dont promote nudity. #kuboobs." The account lists an email address where ladies can send in photos of them "showing their team spirit." Oh, and there's now also a Facebook page, a Tumblr (obvs), and a Pinterest (a Pinterest for chrissake!). Other colleges are trying to follow suit with "boobs" Twitter accounts, but thus far, none have racked up as many followers as the O.G.

Two things came to mind when I learned about this account: One, University of Kansas clearly is home to some of the most well-endowed women in the world; and two, (some) ladies heart showing their tatas online. 

The thing about this account, and plenty of other Twitters, Tumblrs, etc., is it doesn't show the faces of the women -- which works in their favor. Basically, they get all of the glory without any of the ridicule. Thousands of people are liking, retweeting, and commenting on the breasts of these women, but there isn't any calling these ladies out for objectifying themselves (if that's what you think they're doing). And if there are any nasty comments (which, there has to be; it's the Internet), why should these women care? They're anonymous.

And therein lies the beauty of the world wide web, my friends: No other place on earth do you get to cut off your head and go on living. 

What do you think of this Twitter account?


Image via KUBoobs/Twitter

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