Teen Who Reportedly Shot His Family May Have Texted a Photo of His Murdered Mother

New Mexico murderNo one knows why Nehemiah Griego, who is accused of the horrific slaying of his family, would have done such an awful thing. The 15-year-old is accused of gunning down his mother, brother, and two young sisters (5 and 2), and then waiting for his father to come home from a late night volunteering with homeless people and then gunning him down, too.

It's unthinkable. As a parent, no one ever wants to believe that their child could be capable of such an act.

As the details around this case start to emerge, it's becoming clear that there are two very distinct portraits of Nehemiah Griego right now.


The first, from his family, is one of a loving boy who wanted to be in the military at some point, volunteered with his church group, and was a gifted athlete and musician. His uncle Eric Griego was even a former New Mexico State Senator.

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The second portrait is much more chilling. Cops say he planned the attack for a week because he was "annoyed" by his mom. They say he planned it to be even worse. That he wanted to go to Wal-Mart, shoot people at random, and be shot to death himself.

They even say he had a 12-year-old girlfriend to whom he texted a photo of his dead mother's corpse. From the story it's unclear whether she was an involved participant in receiving the photo or if she was scared of him, too. But her age is a cause for alarm. At least for me. Is a 12-year-old really meant to be dating a 15-year-old? Let alone one accused of such horrific crimes ...

So which kid is real? What would cause a person to do something so cruel and horrific? Will we ever know?

As a parent, the idea that your child could ever do something like this is chilling. Police are still piecing together details and it's clear that this could have been a Newtown-like massacre. But even though it wasn't, one family is still dead. A 5-year-old girl and a 2-year-old girl were both shot in their beds and no one knows why.

The alleged perpetrator was someone they all loved and no one saw this coming. I guess the question is this: Do we ever really know the people we love? Is this possible in everyone's home?

What do you think the truth is about this boy?


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