14-Year-Old Boy Saves Woman From Rapist While Babysitting Younger Siblings

Talk about a brave teen! When 14-year-old James Persyn was left to babysit his younger brother and sister for awhile when his father stepped out to run an errand, he had no idea he'd end up in the middle of what sounds like a horror movie come to life. The hero teen ended up hiding a young woman from a deranged attacker who'd just kidnapped and raped her.


James was home alone with his 11-year-old sister and 2-year-old brother after his father ran an errand around 10 p.m. He suddenly heard a banging on the door of his Michigan home. Outside, a woman was screaming and begging to be let inside. Says James:

Her voice was, like, she was going to die if I didn't open that door. A lot of people, maybe most people, would've been like, 'Get the hell off my porch.'

But not James. He let the woman inside, who asked if his parents were home. When he said no, the woman ran to the kitchen and hid, explaining that a man had kidnapped her off a nearby campus, drove her to his mother's house, raped her, and then put her back into the car and threatened to kill her. She'd managed to jump out of his car, breaking her arm in the process, and had run straight to the nearest home -- which happened to be where James and his siblings were alone.

And bad news: The guy was still chasing her.

James looked out the window and sure enough, a car rolled into the driveway and a deranged madman began making his way towards the house. James quickly locked the front and side doors. He then got his little sister and baby brother, and the terrified victim, and ushered them all into a bathroom to hide.

But before he did this, he grabbed a hunting knife from his bedroom -- and his dog. Downstairs, the psycho was banging on the door and screaming, "Let me in or I'll kill you." James then called his dad on his cell phone and told him a man was trying to break in and to get home fast.

The alleged attacker, Eric Ramsey, then reportedly gave up on trying to break in, and poured gasoline around the home and lit it on fire. But James' father, also named James, drove up just then and was able to put out the fire.

Then a police officer drove up to the home. The officer first drew his gun on James' father, but he screamed, "I'm the dad, I'm the dad!" Thank god the cop believed him.

Ramsey was eventually shot dead by cops. But not before updating his Facebook status to read: "Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace."

Peace?!!! The man should live what he writes. What a crazy, terrifying night!

What do you think of this teen?

Image via Michigan Dept. of Corrections

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