Mean 'Ugly People' Instagram Shows Some People Still Can't Handle the Internet

iphoneOne of the many reasons I'm such a fan of Instagram is that it's one of the only social networking sites that isn't "mean". Sure, it's yet another form of narcissism, what with people posting photos of their every move, but it's fun. And it doesn't seem to be riddled with controversial comments and nasty digs at one another like some social networks. At least I thought that was the case. An Instagram account by the name of "Ladue's Ugliest" was created recently, and the purpose of it was to post photos of "ugly" students at a middle school in Missouri. The account, not surprisingly, was run anonymously and the message in the profile read: "I take picture of people from Ladue and if you’re ugly, you’ll get posted."

Nice, right? But the scariest thing of all is what happened after the account was shut down by Instagram and a new one popped up.


"Ladue's Ugliest" was removed by Instagram after school officials discovered the account and reported a complaint. But a short while later, another account entitled "Ladue's Ugliest1" appeared, along with the message: "Those who cry to the news can’t stop me." And the profile photo used was that of Adam Lanza, the man who killed 26 people at Sandy Hook elementary school last month.

To call this disturbing -- on all accounts -- is an understatement. Using the photo of a mass murderer as a profile picture on a social media site is a sick and and cowardly thing to do; but creating an account strictly for the purpose of hurting people's feelings and insulting their looks (especially when they're that young) is on another level.

The Internet is a cruel, cruel place. Anyone who's ever logged onto Facebook or Twitter, or read the comments on any blog, knows this. It sucks, but it kind of comes with the territory. People have balls of steel when they're anonymous. But something like this takes things too far, and shows that, really, there are some who just can't handle the Internet.

Thankfully, the second account was shut down also, and police reported to all seven schools in the Ladue School District on Thursday to help calm nerves. Hopefully, they'll find the person who did this and take care of the situation -- and take away the Internet from him or her for good.

What do you think of this?

Image via NoJo Foto/Flickr

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