Hero Cops Lift Cab Off of Injured Man With Nothing But Their Bare Hands (VIDEO)

nypd lift cabThe New York City Police Department is on a roll. First, there was Lawrence DePrimo, the NYPD officer who bought a homeless man a pair of boots. Now there's the group of policemen who rallied together in the Bronx to lift a cab up off of Luis Velasquez, a 19-year-old pedestrian who was hit by a taxi and subsequently trapped underneath. And, being that it's 2013, the Year of the Voyeur, the whole, amazing feat of these men lifting a 4,000-pound automobile without any tools is on video. This is truly, truly incredible.


Check it out:

The man is reportedly in critical condition right now, and ironically, as you know if you just watched the video, it's speculated that he may have been running from cops, but still. This is unbelievable. I can't imagine what that poor man was thinking when he was trapped underneath that cab. If he was conscious, surely he thought that was it for him. Who would have thought that a group of human beings would be able to pry him out from under the vehicle without a jack.

Pretty impressive stuff. And makes it easy to understand why they're called "New York's finest".

How crazy is this?

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