Facebook's New Graph Search Makes You WAY More Searchable

facebookAnother day, another breach of privacy change on Facebook. On Tuesday, Lord Zuckerberg introduced the latest addition to his up-and-coming social networking site, Facebook: Graph Search. What is Graph Search? Basically, it's Google. Well, it's not really Google, as only Google's Google, but it's basically a search engine -- a very specific search engine -- within the site. 

Soon you'll be able to search things like "TV shows liked by my friends", or "bicycling Los Angeles", or "marketing jobs" within the site. (Graph Search is available in limited release as of yesterday, but don't worry, it's coming to a computer near you soon.)

To some this may seem like a cool feature, as it will simplify the laborious task of poring over every individual friend of yours, and beyond, to see who likes Parks and Recreation as much as you do. But for others, as the story often goes with Facebook, not so much.


Mainly, the people who will be least pleased with this feature are other tech juggernauts, like Google, LinkedIn, Match, and Yelp, as this can hurt them. How so? Well, you will be able to search really specific things within Graph Search. According to Tom Stocky, Facebook product management director, he could do a search for "Friends of friends who are single men who live in San Francisco and who are from India" so he can set up his cousin who's visiting from India. That's more than a dating website could ever do. (The whole "friend of a friend" thing is key.)

But most likely you're not someone who works at one of these uber-companies, and if you are, hi! So, for average Facebook users, what would the problem be with Graph Search? Well, maybe you don't want to be that searchable.

When you put your interests and hobbies and job on Facebook, sure, there's not much you can say. I mean, you're the one who put it on the Internet. But I'm not so sure people assumed this info was going to make them so searchable. Just because you're single and you have a mutual friend in common and you both like cooking -- doesn't mean you want to be emailed.

Of course, if you don't want everything about you coming up in Graph Search, there are changes you can make to your account settings. But all of this is just getting so confusing, now isn't it?

What do you think of Graph Search?


Image via Qole Pejorian/Flickr

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