Lindsay Lohan's Live-Tweeting of the Golden Globes Was Hella Weird, Dude

lindsay lohanThis just in: Lindsay Lohan's a weirdo! Tell your friends! Call the newspaper! Write it on a note and put the note in a bottle and put the bottle in the ocean closest to your house! Since she wasn't invited to the Hollywood lovefest last night known as the Golden Globes ("You're the greatest." "No, you're the greatest."), Lohan decided to do what any attention-seeking Hollywood starlet would do when all her friends were busy: Live tweet the event.

That's right. Lindsay Lohan live-tweeted the Golden Globes. And as you might expect, it was ... super f*cking weird.


A sampling of Lindsay's tweets:

-I really want to get more followers but i feel as if i don't tweet enough and i feel bad!

-Tina and Amy are amazing!! #GoldenGlobes

-Kate Hudson looks GORGEOUS!!

-I am grateful to of had the opportunity to work with 2 amazing women who are people i admire, such as Amy Poehler & Tina Fey. xo

-JESSICA LANGE IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!!! (Yes, she went with the British spelling)

-I love Damien Lewis on #homeland he is incredible

-Paul Rudd is the best. Ever.

-Why wasn't Snow Patrol nominated with their song, "Lightening Strike" for Act Of Valor? - I LOVE Adele! She is AMAZING! but, just curious?

-Words cannot express how much I LOVE Kristen Wiig. And no1 should ever mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep

-Congrats!!!!!! #LenaDunham you're brilliant.

-Yaayyyy! @lenadunham I think you're so wonderful. Congratulations to a great talent !!!

-Ben Affleck!! Yay! So smart and classic. He and Jen Garner remind me of @mikelohanand his wonderful girlfriend #ninaginsberg.

Okay, that wasn't a sampling, that was the whole shebang. Odd, no? Lindsay's not exactly a prolific tweeter, and like she said, she probably had just ingested a bag of cocaine just wanted more followers, but still, the whole thing was sort of strange. And I'm assuming her Meryl Streep comment was a dig at Jennifer Lawrence? Not cool.

You gotta love social media, man. Even when a celebrity is not invited to attend an event, they can still make headlines by writing grammatically incorrect, benign sentences about said event. And, yes, I realize I'm fanning that fire with this post. Shut up. (Just kidding, come back, I love you!)

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's tweets?


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