Brother and Sister Reunited After 65 Years, Thanks to Facebook & One Clever 7-Year-old (VIDEO)

Here's a story about a sister and brother who were separated from each other when the girl was five and the boy was just one year old. Both children were placed in different foster homes in Chicago, and 65 years went by without either family member seeing each other again. Not that they didn't try -- after growing up in the foster care system, each sibling had unsuccessfully tried to pursue the other for decades.

This isn't exactly a feel-good tale so far, isn't it? But hang in there: it gets better. Clifford Boyson, 66, and Betty Billadeau, 70, have finally been reunited … and it's all thanks to some Facebook sleuthing carried out by the son of Boyson's landlord. This son, by the way, happens to be all of 7 years old.


Young Eddie Hanzlin, the landlord's son, started searching for Clifford's sister through his mom's Facebook account. He targeted Betty Billadeau's maiden name, and when he finally found her picture, he noticed a resemblance to his pal "Cliffie."

Eddie's dad got in touch with Billadeau’s daughter over Facebook, and set up a video chat between Boyson and Billadeau before making plans for them to meet face to face in Iowa.

This week, the brother and sister saw each other in person for the first time in 65 years. Here's the incredibly touching video of their long-awaited reunion:

As for Eddie, he said he was glad that he was able to help out, saying, "Clifford did not have any family, and family's important."

Eddie's parents are equally thrilled about the happy outcome, and Eddie's successful Facebook search that made it happen:

We feel fantastic, what Eddie did. (…) Eddie’s always been a sweet boy; he’s always cared about others.

You know, I guess we all tend to focus on the more salacious Facebook stories -- the privacy stuff, the bullying, the mystifying photo policies and so on. But here's a legitimately wonderful use of social media, one that made an important family reunion possible that may never have happened otherwise. And interestingly enough, it was all orchestrated by a seven-year-old boy. Amazing.

What did you think of this story? Have you heard of similar reunions happened because of Facebook?

Image via The Des Moines Register

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