Student Saves Complete Stranger From Certain Death on Subway Tracks

Imagine you are on your way to the hospital because you feel sick with symptoms of pneumonia. Most of us would barely be able to lift up a tissue. But somehow 23-year-old plumbing student Dwight Orchard of Toronto found the strength to lift a complete stranger off the subway tracks when he suddenly saw him fall onto the rails and heard a train bearing down on him. Dwight said all he could think was "get him outta there," and the next thing he knew, he threw his bag to the ground and was leaping into action


When Orchard got down onto the tracks, he realized he couldn't lift the man. This is always my fear -- that I'll see someone on the tracks and probably jump down before it dawns on me that I can't move the person. Then I won't be able to get back up myself! Subway platforms are high and you generally have to be tall and/or strong to lift yourself back onto one. 

However, Orchard, who at this point was horrified to hear the train coming, was somehow able to cradle the man like a baby in his arms and toss him onto the platform. This must have been pure adrenaline working!

As for the unidentified man on the platform, it appears he fell because he was inebriated. Does that make him any less worth saving? That's a question for another time, and one I'm sure Orchard didn't have time to contemplate.

Once Orchard threw the man onto the platform, he was able to get back up himself, just as three cars of the train entered the station. Orchard didn't wait around for applause and took the next train to the hospital.

However, the universe wasn't about to let his deed go unnoticed. A witness who took a picture of Orchard on the tracks posted it to Facebook and soon went viral.

When asked by a reporter why he did what he did, Orchard said, "I had to." Isn't that amazing? A human being HAD to risk his own life for another human being -- one he'd never even met before. 

Human beings do some horrible things to each other, but we also do some amazing things for each other.

Would you save someone from the subway tracks?

Image via TenSafeFrogs/Flickr

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