Man Tracks Down Stolen iPhone & Winds Up in Shocking Brawl (VIDEO)

iphone fightI'd be pissed if someone stole my iPhone. Really pissed. And I'd definitely do everything within reason to get it back -- search high and low; turn on "Find My Phone" -- but I can't say I'd go to the lengths Kenneth Schmidgall went to. I wish I could say it, but I can't. This dude went to extreme measures to track, and get back, his beloved iPhone that some yahoo ganked (yes, I said ganked) from him at a reggae concert. And the whole, crazy MacGyver-esque saga ends in the most un-reggae of ways: With pepper spray and an unnecessarily violent fist fight caught on tape.

Um, check it out?


Crazy, right? I mean, if you walked by this scene, would you ever in a million years think it was because of an iPhone? Schmidgall says that he doesn't think "everyone should get in a fight for their phone, but [he wants] people to know that if it's taken, there's something they can do to get it back." He also said that the reason he had and used pepper spray is because: "If I'm responding to a crime scene before the police are there, I have it on hand."

I'm happy this dude got his phone back -- clearly, he really cares about it. And this alleged thief seems like a real piece of work. Schmidgall said: "He said, 'Do you want your cellphone?' and pulled it out of the pocket like he was going to throw it in the ocean." But remember kids: An iPhone is never worth fistacuffs. You can always report it stolen and get a new one.

Oh, and remember this, too, kids: Get insurance for your phones!

How crazy is this?

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