Stop Posting Photos of Gifts From Boyfriends on Facebook -- It's Tacky!

photos of giftsIn general, I am a live and let live kind of person on Facebook. I say post what you want. I would never smear a person who posts photos of their dog or their baby or their awesome trip to Thailand (even if I am crazy envious!), but I draw the line at photos of flowers and other gifts. And don't even get me started on engagement rings.

It's not even that I am envious. My husband brings me my fair share of flowers and I have a lovely, nicely sized engagement ring I absolutely love. I just think posting photos of them is tacky.

Posting those photos serves only one purpose: to make people jealous. Women think it makes their boyfriend or husband look so romantic and sweet, but in many cases, it just makes them look kind of insecure. So seriously, cut that out.


A few months back, we talked about not wearing a bikini in Facebook photos. Personally, that never bothers me. If a woman works hard for her bod, then post away. But flowers? Rings? Chocolate? Candy? Unless it's totally unusual, surprising, or somehow otherwise meaningful, then why post the photos?

I just don't get it.

It might be because I am not a gift person in general, but honestly, not everyone needs to know every time your husband brings home flowers. Not everyone needs to see the size of your diamond. And not everyone needs to see the diamond tennis bracelet or watch he bought you, either.

It's not that I am opposed to public declarations of love on Facebook, either. By all means, tell me if you husband built a playhouse by hand or carved a new dining room table from an old barn door. Tell me if he nursed you back to health or made a killer meal. Love is wonderful. But love isn't flowers. Or diamonds. Or material goods at all.

In general, the whole "what did you get for Christmas from your husband" competition just seems silly to me. And social media lends a whole other voyeuristic quality to that.

It's great that you have a boyfriend who brings you flowers or diamonds or cruise tickets or whatever. But that doesn't make a good boyfriend. Those things are much more subtle. So the flowers you are using to try to make people jealous? Are pretty transparent. Just stop.

Do you ever post gift photos on Facebook?


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