iPhone Addict Pulls Crazy Stunt to Get His Precious Stolen ‘Baby’ Back

iphoneIt's not a stretch to say that people LOVE their iPhones. It's more like an extra appendage than a mobile device. So it's not surprising the extreme lengths people will go through to get them back when they've been stolen. The most jaw-dropping recent example: A New York City musician used a dating app, a bribe, and hammer to get his beloved iPhone back.


On New Year's Eve, trombonist Nadav Nirenberg left his phone in the back of a livery cab. The next day an email alert informed him that someone was sending messages to women using the OKCupid app that was on his iPhone. So he hatched an ingenious plan to get it back.

Nadav reached out to the randy thief through the dating site saying he wanted to go out on a date. He even posted a photo, pretending to be a hot girl. The guy came to his apartment with a bottle of wine and Nadav opened the door brandishing a $20 (as reward for the returned phone) and a hammer (in case the guy reacted badly). But that turned out to be an unnecessary precaution. The thief handed him the phone and left.

Lucky outcome for Nadav if you ask me. The guy could have been a total nut job and gone berserk, especially considering he was there for a date. All's well that ends well, I suppose. I am sure he thinks getting that pricey iPhone back was worth the risk.

Would you go this far to get back your iPhone?


Image via MattsMacintosh/Flickr

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