The Reason You Keep Updating Your Facebook Status Is So You Don't Feel Alone

lonelyDo you update your Facebook status often? If so, why? You may not, consciously, know that answer off the top of your head, but according to a new study, the reason may be because it makes you feel less lonely. Yep, even if no one comments or "likes" your status, apparently writing something on Facebook -- specifically, an update -- eliminates feelings of loneliness in users. And while this finding is certainly interesting, I really can't say I'm surprised.


When you write a Facebook update, especially when it's something trivial (which, let's face it, most updates are), you're basically saying: "Look at me! I still exist!" And that act in and of itself makes people feel less alone. (Evidently.) Even if no one "likes" the fact that you wish you were outside instead of sitting at your desk at work, it's right there for you and all your friends to see. It's basically saying, "Hey! Remember me! I'm here and I'm doing something!" And for some people -- hell, most -- that feels good.

I'm not the world's biggest Facebook fan for many reasons. Not only did I find it a massive time suck, but there have been countless studies concluding that, in a nut shell, Facebook is bad for your health. It can make you depressed; it makes you compare yourself to others. But if writing a status update makes people feel less alone, well, I don't see any harm in that.

So, go on, people -- tell the world what you're having for lunch!

Do you update your Facebook often?

Image via the Italian voice/Flickr

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