5 Fantastic Pinterest Boards Every Mom Needs to Follow

pinterestEver since I quit Facebook, I've become obsessed with Pinterest. Obsessed. I've had an account for a while now, but rarely logged on since I was always, well, on Facebook. Now, in between writing posts for The Stir, or after I put my daughter to bed, I'll hop onto the crafty/DIY/inspiration site, and get to pinning. I've even done some of the crafts and made some of the recipes! Pinterest rules! (In case you haven't noticed, I like to be a year behind the times. I'm cool like that.) Anyway, since I'm now a self-proclaimed Pinterest expert -- and a mom -- I thought I'd share some of my favorite boards with you. Here are 5 Pinterest boards every mom needs to follow.


Awesome Eats: Michelle DuPuis. Michelle's entire Pinterest account is awesome (and over a million people seem to agree), but her food boards take the cake (ha). DuPuis categorizes everything -- soups; frozen treats; pies; Super Bowl Sunday food; etc. -- so you can follow only things you're interested in making. (Note: Her Baby Photos board is fantastic, as well. TONS of great ideas for photo ops with your littles.)

All Things Adorable Baby: Joy Cho/Oh Joy! Joy is one of the more popular mom bloggers out there, so naturally, all her Baby/Kid boards are pretty great. Joy has great style -- and so does her super cute daughter, Ruby -- so boards of hers that are totally worth following: Baby; Baby Essentials for Registry; Ruby's Wishlist; and Baby Proofing Your Stylish Living Room. Trust me.

If You Need a Laugh: The Stir. Okay, fine, I'm biased, but the LOLs for Moms board on our Pinterest is perfect if you just need a chuckle. I mean, there's a video of Gwyneth Paltrow dancing like a dork in there -- what more do you want?

Organization: Eat.Sleep.Wear. Eat.Sleep.Wear's Organize board offers stylish solutions to chaos and clutter. You'll find super cute ways of stowing away shoes, jewelry, and clothes, and there are even a bunch of great "home office" ideas to boot.

Style: Lauren Conrad. I know, I'm surprised, too. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of Lauren's clothing style necessarily, but she has some super cute pins on her Best Night Ever Hair Inspiration and Primp boards. If you like easy-to-do nails, and tousled waves, her Pinterest is definitely worth checking out.

What Pinterest accounts do you love?


Image via Bunches and Bits/Flickr

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