Pre-Schedule New Year's Eve Greetings on Facebook Without All That Gross Human Interaction

Do you love the idea of sharing New Year's greetings with friends and family, but hate the tediously intimate business of actually having to communicate with them by picking up the phone or writing an email? Great news, because Facebook has made it possible for you to automatically wish people a happy new year, right at the stroke of midnight, wherever they are.

Oh, and you don't even have to interrupt your NYE festivities to do so. In fact, you can write up your heartfelt, totally personal message right now, and pre-schedule it to arrive in their Facebook inbox at midnight on December 31. My, isn't it an efficient, businesslike world we live in these days?


You've got better things to do at midnight than whip out your phone and text all your friends, right? Why, if you're anything like me you'll be totally asleep on the couch in front of the TV right in the middle of a raging party on New Year's Eve, so Facebook's Midnight Delivery service saves you from having to put down your champagne glass long enough to share your Auld Lang Synes.

Basically, the system lets you write your message now, select the friends you want to send it to, and Facebook will automatically send it out when it's 2013 in their time zone. Won't that be thrilling for them, getting a private "Happy New Year!" message right at the stroke of midnight? Just like Hallmark, it says you care enough to send the very best.

Or it says you care enough to push a button. Tomato, tomahto.

I guess it's a useful way to reach a bunch of friends at once, and it's handy that the message shows up right when it's supposed to -- but to me it seems like just another way to turn a once-personal gesture into a modern, low-effort tradition. We've replaced paper invitations with Evites, hand-written holiday cards with mass-printed photo designs … heck, Facebook even wants us to buy pre-wrapped easily-exchanged gifts for friends with the click of a mouse.

So why not pre-schedule a Happy New Year's message, right? Dear Recipient: I hope your new year brings you love, peace, good health, and [insert relevant wish here]! Love, your [friend] [daughter] [cousin] [vague Internet acquaintance] [other].

What do you think about Facebook's Midnight Delivery service? Will you be using it to send out new year's greetings?

Image via RLHyde/Flickr

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