Good Samaritans in Newtown Do Most Amazing Thing for Grief Stricken Town on Christmas

Memorial for Sandy Hook victims

The Newtown, Connecticut tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School was so devastatingly horrible that it's easy to forget the many examples of people doing good this holiday season. Strangers from all over the country have descended on this small town to try and ease the residents' grief and make their Christmas just a little brighter. When we hear about one person doing something so mind-bogglingly evil, I think it's important that we also see what else is going on, and take heart in the fact that the vast majority of people are good. Just as New Yorkers discovered when so many pitched in to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.


We heard about the bikers who rode into town to form a human chain to block the Westboro Baptist Church in case they showed up to picket funerals as they threatened to do.

Consolation cards, packages, and donated toys flooded the town from all over the world. A postal worker recalls seeing a package labeled, "Anybody in Newtown, CT who needs a hug." A Los Angeles man bought 100 cups of coffee for the locals. Fellow police officers from nearby towns volunteered to cover all shifts for Newtown men in blue so they could have Christmas off.

Faith Leonard drove all the way from Arizona to hand out gifts, cookies, and hugs on Christmas Day. "I guess my thought was if I could be here helping out, maybe one person would be able to spend more time with their family or grieve in the way they needed to," she told ABC News.

Julian Revie cancelled plans to go to Australia and instead came from Ottawa, Canada to play Christmas carols on the piano on the sidewalk outside of a memorial service.

The pastor at a local church said it well: "The moment the first responder broke through the doors we knew good always overcomes evil."

All you need to do is look around that town and see the love pouring in from everywhere, to have your faith in humanity renewed. As resident Joanne Brunetti said: "People have been wonderful to everybody in Newtown whether you were part of what happened or not. My thought is if we were all this nice to each other all the time, maybe things like this wouldn't happen."

Nothing will bring those 20 little angels and their school's teachers and principal back, but hopefully seeing how much the rest of the world truly does care will help the victims' families heal just a little.

Does this make you feel people are essentially good?


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