Good Samaritan Mom Takes in Hurricane Sandy Victim Living in Desperate Conditions (VIDEO)

FickrTwo months have passed since Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the northeast coast, and in some neighborhoods, very little has changed.

Shockingly, some are still without power and hot water and food and transportation is still hard to come by.

One New York mother went far above and beyond in order to help a single mom and her kids escape the hurricane's devastation.

See their story -- and find out how you can help others just like them -- after the jump.

Advertisement has information on how you can directly help hurricane survivors (click on 'Locations' and 'Rockaway' to help this neighborhood in particular), and Leni Calas also has a program you might be interested in on her site,

It's called Family to Family. If you participate, Leni will connect you with a family in need. You can coordinate to send them a one-time donation or supplies, or you can partner with them, keep in touch, and help them in whatever way you see fit.

One thing's certain -- many, many people are still desperately in need. It was really shocking to see how dire the situation still is in the Rockaways. If you're looking for people to help this holiday season, hurricane victims in these hard-hit areas are definitely a worthy option.


Image via Dakine Kane/Flickr

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