Substitute Teacher Gets $7.4 Million in Gold Thanks to Long-Lost Loner Cousin

gold coinsIt -- in the most literal sense of the word -- is the stuff dreams are made of. A woman recently found out that she was $7 million richer, thanks to a long-lost relative who died. Picture this: You're a substitute teacher in the San Francisco-area named Angela Magdanz; someone knocks on your door; you say: "What?"; they say: "Hi. I just want to let you know that your cousin, who you never talk to, Walter Samaszko Jr. just died at the age of 69. And he happened to have $7 million worth of gold coins in his garage. And now, they're yours."


Okay, so things didn't go down exactly that way, but that's pretty much the gist of it. Here's what happened: When a crew was cleaning out "recluse" Walter Samaszko's garage after he died, they found a bunch of ammunition boxes. And in those ammo boxes were thousands of gold coins, amounting to over $7 million. (Apparently, the public administrator of the estate had to borrow a neighbor's wheelbarrow to cart the gold out -- and the wheelbarrow was filled twice.)

The gold made its way to Magdanz when officials found a funeral bulletin at Samaszko's home about his father's service in Chicago in the early 1960. The newspaper listed the survivors -- Magdanz was among those survivors. No one is yet sure what Walter did for a living, and whether or not he bought coins (his mom, who died in 1992, may have), but the way this story ends is Angela Magdanz is now one super rich substitute teacher.

I honestly have no idea what it would feel like to get a call involving someone telling me I'm balls-to-the-wall rich, but I do know I've dreamt of it many times. I'm actually really happy for Angela -- this stuff never happens! -- but I also feel a little bad for her. Apparently, she's in hiding because everyone is hounding her for an interview. Angela -- I can take some of that money off of you if it'll help. Just let me know what I can do.

What do you think of this crazy story?


Image via tao_zhyn/Flickr

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