Camera That Inserts Moms Into Every Photo Is Both Cool & ... Spooky (VIDEO)

group shotDoes anybody really like asking a complete stranger to take their picture? It's kind of awkward, isn't it? Hence, the countless numbers of selfie-esque photos that feature you and your friends -- or you and your family -- with your hand outstretched, trying to look caj (that's short for casual -- you're welcs). And what if there's no one else around? Like, at a family party. One unlucky chump is going to be the person not in the photo, because he or she was the photographer.

Not anymore.

A new camera called The Not One Less camera is in development, and the concept is pretty nuts. It would take both the picture the photographer is taking, and a picture of the photographer at the same time -- so everybody's in the picture. 

Pretty awesome. And pretty ... not.


The concept of the camera in and of itself is genius. And clearly it's the perfect thing for our camera/social media-obsessed culture. And it's awesome for moms -- who are typically the ones taking the photos. But it's also rewriting history a bit.

I know, it's not like PhotoShopping Jesus Christ into a picture of you on the golf course or anything, but it's not ... true. I hate to sound all fuddy-duddy and luddite-ish, but few photos are really real anymore. With Instagram and Hipstamatic and iPhoto and PhotoShop, so many pictures are filtered and lightened and doctored up. I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely use these things myself -- and, yes, I like them -- but they aren't accurate. When I look back at photos of my parents', or even pictures my friends and I took in high school, I see what was actually going on -- as sloppy and terribly-lit and bad-complected as things were. It's the truth. With all these ways to manipulate everything, including the actual placement of people, seems a little bit like lying.

Whatever, though. My old fashioned, nostalgic views aside, this camera idea is pretty damn impressive. And I'm sure if it comes to fruition, it'll sell like gangbusters.

Would you buy this camera? Are you always the one taking photos?

Image via hannah.rosen/Flickr

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