Real Life Photoshop Tools That Would Make Every Mom's Day a Little Easier (PHOTOS)

Have you seen this fun photography project from Hungarian artist Flóra Bors?  She created a series of images showing how Photoshop could work in real life, from getting rid of a blemish on her cheek via the Patch tool to smearing her lipstick with the Smudge feature.

I love the idea behind those photos, but I thought I'd try and take this concept to the wildly unglamorous life of motherhood. What would you do, if you could use any existing Photoshop tools to edit your day-to-day life?

Here's what I came up with:





Edit > Fill. As in, there is not a special dish fairy that magically whisks those bowls and glasses away to the land of ever-clean, so FILL the dishwasher, dammit.

Filter > Liquify. "Moooooommmmmm! The cat's drinking out of the toilet again!" "Guys, it's your job to check her water bowl, so take care of it!" "But it's Dylan's turn!" "No, it's Riley's turn!" GAHHHHHHHHH.

Filter > Blur. Well, this bathroom's a complete disaster. Let's see, a click here, a click there ...


MUCH better.


Filter > Twirl. So sick of fussing with my hair. So sick of it looking like crap because I didn't fuss with it. Solution: PHOTOSHOP.

Image > Adjustments > Curves. Fit into my jeans, or stop eating so many holiday cookies? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE.


Duplicate. Because some days, you just need more hands to get it all done.

What Photoshop tool would make your day easier?

Images via Linda Sharps

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