5 Sneaky Online Shopping Tips That Will Save You Crazy Cash

dog laptopAck -- did you get all your Christmas gifts yet? If you're anything like me, you didn't. And if you're really anything like me, you want to avoid stores, malls, and kiosks at all costs this time of year. Because they're out of control. And let's be honest -- they're so not filled with Christmas cheer.

I know it's not super festive, but online shopping is the way I roll for holiday gifts these days. And because it's the way I roll, I have some sneaky little tricks that will ensure you get the most bang out of your online shopping buck. Here are five seriously helpful online shopping tips.


Try to order the majority from one place. Two words: Free. Shipping. The one thing that makes me consider braving the crowds is the fact that I won't have to pay for shipping. But most places will ship everything free if you're over a certain price (usual $50). Some even just have a free shipping period this time of year.

Google for coupon codes. I know, I know. Most of the time the codes don't work. But sometimes they do. And it's worth a shot. Some sites I've had coupon code luck with are: Diapers.com; Yoyo.com; and Drugstore.com. (These sites, along with their sister sites, always have a crazy variety of products. You could probably get all your Christmas shopping done via them.)

Run more than one browser. Sign into your account with one, and be "unrecognized" with the other. Supposedly, sites know if you're a returning customer -- and they'll up the price a bit if you are. If you're visiting as a guest, you might be able to catch the difference in prices -- and snag the cheaper one.

Clear cookies from your browser. Same idea here, but you don't have to be running two browsers. If you can -- which you definitely might not be able to -- try clearing the cookies via the "help" or "preferences" tab on your computer. Cookies enable you to save your info on sites you frequent, letting companies know you're a returning customer. If they think you're "new", they'll be apt to lower prices for you.

Put an item in your basket -- then leave the site, abandoning your cart. Sometimes you might get a follow up email from the company, offering the product at a lower price. They're trying to win you back because they thought you left -- better they get some money out of you than none, right?

What online shopping tips do you have?


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