6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Victim Gets Touching Tribute From His Sports Idol

Victor Cruz cleatsIt really doesn't matter who you are, it's impossible not to feel the weight of the unimaginable tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.

Even professional athletes who are usually seen as tough guys have been affected, and one New York Giants player went out of his way to offer support and condolences to the family of one of his young fans.

When Victor Cruz learned that he was 6-year-old Jack Pinto's favorite ball player, he was overcome with emotion. And when he heard that Jack's parents are considering burying him in Victor's jersey, he knew he had to reach out to the family.


He wound up talking to Jack's grieving parents over the phone, and his comments about the conversation were posted on the RIP Sandy Hook Facebook page.

It was very emotional. Obviously, going in, when a family is facing that much tragedy, you want to be someone that inspires them, someone that can put a smile on their faces when it's tough to do that. I told them just to stay strong and to understand that God has a plan, and things are unfortunate, things don't always go as planned, but to stay strong.

It was very humbling just to hear how big of a fan he was, for them to think about putting my jersey on him for the services. It shows you how much of an effect you have on kids. They don't just see you on TV, they want to be you. They idolize you ... It really showed me how real it is to be a role model.

Cruz also chose to honor Jack by writing messages on his cleats and gloves including, "JACK PINTO," "MY HERO," and "R.I.P. JACK PINTO."

And his gesture of kindness didn't end there, because he also plans on coming to visit the Pinto family this week to offer his sympathy -- and also give them the gloves and cleats.

Can you even imagine how over-the-moon Jack would've been to have the chance to meet Victor? Nothing can ever really ease his family's pain, and sadly, we can't turn back the hands of time and erase Friday's horrific events. But I'm sure knowing that their son touched the life of the person he idolized will at least offer his parents a small degree of comfort. If nothing else, they'll know that the entire nation is grieving right along with them, and we'd do anything to take away their pain, and that of everyone who lost their loved ones if we could.

Were you moved by Victor Cruz's wonderful gesture?


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