I Quit Facebook, & So Far It's Been ... Awesome

thumbs upAfter what seems like a year of talking a big game, I finally did it: I quit Facebook. Well, more accurately, I deactivated my account (so, if I ever want to go back, all I have to do is log in). I never really enjoyed Facebook all that much; it definitely was/is a massive time suck; and I don't know -- after the horrific shooting on Friday, it just seemed like it was time to log off for a while. I may go back at some point, as I do miss seeing photos of people's cute kids, and there are (real) friends I would like to stay in touch with, but for now -- I'm done.

And so far, having no Facebook has kind of been ... awesome.


So, you know how when you sit down at your computer, you sort of have a routine as to the sites you go to, as well as the order in which you go through them? For me, it was: Email; go through my Google Reader; work email; another site or two; then Facebook. Well, Facebook is gone now, so ... what to do? Thus far, the void has been filled by Pinterest -- a site that's ... way more relaxing than Facebook; much less addicting; and kind of -- for lack of a better word -- beneficial. You guys, I actually did one of the crafts. (Some of my Christmas gifts now have glittery polka dots on them. And my house is covered in glitter.)

But that's not the big thing I noticed. That's not the thing that's been "awesome." Truth is, I'm more productive without Facebook (shocker, right?). And, although it's only been a few days, I've actually talked to people instead of just seeing what they're up to via Facebook. (My friend is on vacation right now -- instead of checking her page for any status updates or photos, I texted her to see how it was going.)

If there ever was a lull in my day -- if my daughter was asleep; or I was in between writing assignments -- I'd check out Facebook. Not because I had anything to say, or because I had a burning desire to know what other people were up to -- because it was a habit. (And because I had the app on my phone [I've since deleted it]). Without those five-minute phone/computer zone-outs here and there, I've been able to get more things done. (And woo-hoo for never having to worry about being tagged in an unflattering photo again!)

All this said though, I will admit, there is an aspect of this that's sort of strange. Kind of feels like I'm "missing out" on something, or like I left a room and everybody is talking shit about me. But I'm not. And they're not. In fact, most people probably have no idea I'm not on it anymore. And therein lies the problem -- social media f***s with your head, man.

Like I said, I may go back to it at some point -- there are some benefits to being on Facebook. (Keeping in touch with people you wouldn't otherwise text or email, the main one.) But I definitely won't be on it for the remainder of the year. And I'm hoping that, come January, it'll barely be a thought in my head.

Did you quit Facebook? Have you ever thought about quitting Facebook?


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