5 Easy-to-Use Gadget Gifts for the Person Who Hates Technology


There are some people in life who just aren't fun to buy a Christmas present for. There, I said it. They're the people who wind up returning anything we buy them -- or who already have everything -- and shopping for them every year around this time basically winds up being one of the most stressful things we do all season. So, yeah. Not fun.

There is hope, though. Even the most difficult of people won't be able to refuse one of these awesome, easy-to-use/easy-to-understand tech gifts. And if they're not a tech-savvy person -- great! Means they definitely won't have one of these sweet gadgets already. And don't worry, they'll basically be able to hit a button and everything will work for them. No confusing manuals or setting up here.

Here are five awesome tech gifts for the anti-tech (hard-to-shop-for!) person in your life.

Image via Apple

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