Shannen Doherty's Weird 911 Call Shows That Being a Celeb Ain't What It Used to Be (LISTEN)

shannen dohertyI'm going to say something controversial here: Sometimes, I feel bad for celebrities. No, not because the camera's all up in their face when they're out simply trying to get a ham sammy (they love it anyway), but because ever since Twitter's come around, they're, like, responsible for people. People they, technically, shouldn't be responsible for at all, because they don't know them from a hole in the wall. What's making me wax poetic on this? The 911 call Shannen Doherty made regarding a fan threatening to kill herself via Twitter was recently released, and man, what an odd addendum to the job.


I know social media is something both fans and celebs love -- and for the most part, it's cool -- but there are some definite downfalls to "regular" people having direct contact with celebrities. And celebs having to feel responsible for people's lives are among those downfalls. (Sidebar -- when police found the woman threatening to kill herself to Shannen, she was fine, and said she had no intentions of hurting herself. Awesome.)

Another odd thing is the whole people talking shit to celebrities via social media. Of course, Kim Kardashian's Twitter and Instagram accounts are rife with "I love you/You're so amazing/OMG, I want to be you" messages, but there's a good portion of them that call her things like, well, a "whore". That doesn't really sound like a pleasant addition to your day, now does it?

Social media isn't going anywhere any time soon, so I guess this is just something that comes with the job. But if I were a celebrity -- I don't know, man -- I'd definitely think twice before signing up for Twitter. Kinda seems like you're just asking for it.

What do you think of this? Have you ever tweeted to a celeb?



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