Bus Driver Finds Half a Million Dollars & You Won't Believe What He Did With the Money

busFinding $20 would feel like an amazing bit of luck, but can you imagine coming across $500,000? Well, a Vienna, Austria bus driver found a half-million dollars on board his bus at the end of his shift.

Only identified as Wolfgang R, the transit authority worker was inspecting his vehicle after getting to the end of the line when he spotted a bag. "At first I thought it was shopping or medicine," he said in an interview. Incredible find, to be sure. Who in the world rides a public bus with that much cash on them? More amazing, though, is what Wolfgang ultimately did with the cash.


After opening up the bag and seeing the pile of money, he didn't quit his job or go on a spending spree or even put it away for a rainy day. All of those options would be tempting in these hard economic times. No, Wolfgang did the right thing and called the police in hopes they could help him find the rightful owner.

Fortunately there was a bank slip inside the bag and investigators were able to track down the bus passenger. Turns out, an elderly woman had withdrawn her savings that day and inadvertently left the bundle of cash on the bus during her commute.

It is not known why the woman withdrew so much or why she would risk getting on the bus with it. There is also no word on whether Wolfgang will get a reward for his honesty -- but he most certainly should. Yes, he did what every honest person should do. But a lot of people would have pocketed that money. The whole concept of finders keepers, losers weepers isn't just a playground rhyme. People often come across wallets, iPhones, cameras -- you name it -- and never even consider trying to find the owner. The woman is very lucky Wolfgang happened upon her savings and not someone else.

Do you think the bus driver deserves a reward?


Image via Alex E. Proimus/Flickr

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