Mom & Baby Pinned Under a Car Rescued by Awesome (and Strong!) Bystanders (VIDEO)

mom baby pinned under carHappy story alert! A woman and her three children were crossing the highway in Colorado when they were hit by an oncoming car. Kipinga Muanza Kalala and her 2-year-old daughter Angela were trapped under the vehicle, and when the police officer arrived on the scene, he knew he had to get them out, and fast.

Sgt. Matt Brukbacher called for help from local bystanders and several ran over to help him lift the car off Kipinga and Angela.


They were reportedly so successful that they almost lifted the car all the way up, onto its side. The helpful volunteers included a man and his 16-year-old stepdaughter. Girl power!

Kipinga and Angela were taken to the hospital and are reportedly going to be fine -- mom suffered head wounds and broken bones, daughter suffered burns -- and neither of the other children was injured.

Thank goodness, because had it not been for the quick-thinking and generous people who saw the accident, this story could've ended in tragedy. The driver of the car won't face any charges because, you know, people aren't supposed to be in the middle of the road. Why did this mother decide to walk across a highway with her kids in the dark?

I don't know the circumstances that made her decide that crossing where she did would be safe, but that was a very big risk that could've easily been deadly. Had it not been for those awesome bystanders, the perhaps time-saving trick of darting through traffic to get to the other side could've proven fatal.

Crosswalks are there for a reason, people. Glad everyone's OK.

Are you diligent about only crossing in a crosswalk?


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