Ridiculously Funny Instagram Parody Will Make You Feel Embarrassed (VIDEO)

instagramTwenty years ago, if someone told you that people would be taking pictures of their nails, their dinners, and their cats in glasses -- and sharing them with the world -- you would have laughed. But this is reality. Thanks to social networks like Facebook and Instagram, documenting every mundane detail of your day in photos is what's up. When you think about it -- it's f***ing ridiculous. But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

I love Instagram. It's easily my favorite of all the social networks. You can make anything you're doing look all cool and artsy (and you look amazing in every photo!), but ridiculous pics abound on it. So, naturally, there is a parody video about Instagram. And naturally, it's set to a Nickleback song.

I knooow we're always telling you that you have to watch this video because it's sooo funny, but this one really, really, really is. Please, if you watch any video today, watch this. As Business Insider put it: "College Humor just destroyed Instagram in 3 minutes."


Even if you're not on Instagram, you can relate to the absurdity of posting silly things like doors and signs outside of stores for all our friends to see.

Like I said, I love Instagram, and I definitely have no plans to quit it any time soon, but this video will make me think twice before posting a pic of my feet.

Do you see photos like this on Facebook or Instagram?


Image via College Humor

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