Facebooking on the Toilet? You'd Be Surprised How Many of Us Are Too (Ew)

ToiletApparently, the odds are actually kind of high that if you're spending some quality time in the restroom, you're doing more than just, ahem, you know. According to a new study just released from Nielsen about Americans' social media behavior, a third of those between the ages of 18 and 24 are logged into social networking sites while in the bathroom.

And not just while standing in line waiting your turn in a public restroom. The study shows that we're social networking all the time, and that, really, nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing.


About half of us are also social networking while at work. For those between 25 and 34, 51 percent log in from the office. I find that figure to be kind of low? But I guess I've got a desk job, so it would make sense that I had Facebook open all day. I don't think you'd want your operating room nurse, your kid's teacher, or your taxi driver tweeting on the job though, would you. Can you imagine? Your dentist sparks up the drill, then while you're lying there, mouth open, she's all, "Oh, hold on, I have to update my status!"

What else did the researchers find? We're spending 63 percent more time on Facebook and Twitter than we did last year. And get this: Americans spent 27 billion minutes a month using the Facebook app. I can't even intellectually understand the concept of 27 billion minutes. And we spend 17 percent of our computer time on Facebook.com. Twitter ranked second.

Another nugget of trivia for you: 70 percent of the folks who log into Pinterest from a PC are women. Unsurprising.

And at least once a month, half of us use social media to complain about something. Probably about the quality of the toilet paper in whichever bathroom we're tweeting from.

Do you check social media sites when you're in the bathroom?


Image via KimCarpenter NJ/Flickr

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