Facebook Dislike Button Is Finally Here -- Sort Of

Have you ever wanted to give one of your Facebook friends a time out? Maybe they haven't been so egregious as to be muted or unfriended, but their most recent status update was annoying enough to warrant a public warning of some kind? If you've been hoping and praying for a Facebook app that could help you with the potential awkward moment of calling out your buddy for posting one too many duck-face photos, great news! Defriendtion is here to save the day.

The Defriendtion app doesn't actually keep you from being exposed to your friends' Facebook content, but it does post a public "dislike" note to their Timeline informing them of their transgression, including the length of time you've chosen to put them on notice.

Frankly, it sounds like the perfect way to cut back on those oh-so-irritating posts … because if you start using this thing, you surely won't have many friends for very long.


The way it works is this: first you add the Defriendtion app to your Facebook account, then you can fill out an "evidence sheet" against your friend. Here's what it looks like:

Once you've thoroughly documented why you disliked their update, a notice is published to their wall, timeline, and news feed for everyone to see. Because according to Defriendtion, plenty of folks need a public callout for posting without spellcheck, sharing Spotify breakup playlists, sharing too many baby updates, chronicling their exercise routines, bragging, and, ironically enough, passive-aggressive status updating.

(Doesn't it seem inevitable that people will start disliking the dislike notices, thus creating a sort of wormhole through space and time?)

In my opinion, this app seems pretty dickish -- I mean, we all have certain FB activity pet peeves, but publicly snarking on someone's billionth Someecards share or their latest RunKeeper record doesn't seem like a very nice thing to do. On the other hand, major props to the Defriendtion folks for creating this hilarious promo video:

What sort of status updates might motivate you to use the Defriendtion app?

Image via Ed Yourdon/Flickr

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