'Love Conductor’ Matches Up Lonely Subway Riders

love conductor

There are a lot of ways to find love these days -- a million dating websites, bars, being set up by friends. But ever think you could find The One on your commute to work? That's the promise of Erika Christensen, aka The Love Conductor. This matchmaker roams the NYC subways to hook up single strap-hangers.


She calls it "trainspotting" (trainspotting.tawkify.com). Christensen approaches attractive Manhattan and Brooklyn commuters, with an abrupt, "Are you single?" If they are single, she offers her services and a business card that reads, "You've been spotted." It's a bizarre concept in a city where people rarely look others in the eye on the subway. But this could go a long way to soften the image of NYC. Plus, given how hard it is to find a decent guy or girl, why not take a chance on locomotive-based love?

She charges between $39 and $456 per month for her services, which includes love matches and a planned out date. "I set them up on fully curated mystery dates and that's always fun," she told Today. "Sometimes I give them code names and they meet somewhere." Is she successful? One customer says he hit it off with his match. They have been going strong for a month. And she says one of her pairs have even gotten hitched. She herself isn't single, and no, she didn't find her current mate on a train. But if you are single in the city, it's worth a try. Can't be worse than those Internet sites and at least there is a human being vetting out the crazies in person. With 1.6 billion subway riders, she's bound to spot a few good men and women.

Would you use The Love Conductor if given the chance?

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