Facebook Privacy Status Update Hoax Masks Actual Privacy Policy Changes

Facebook Status Update

Calm down, everybody. Facebook isn't trying to steal your information this time either.

I'm sure you've all seen your Facebook news feed is full of people posting legalese about how they own the copyright to their posts, but it's all unnecessary and a big hoax. Not only is Facebook clear about who owns what (you do), the odd status update is just fluff with no legal standing. It's inspired a flurry of status updates both posting the faux-legal update and counter-updates mocking the status updaters. It's even inspired a College Humor video.

But all this Facbook status panic is distracting everyone from the real privacy policy changes Facebook is making.


Facebook users have the right to vote on the new changes to its privacy policies that the social network is rolling out until 9 a.m. PT on November 28. The proposed changes affect how Facebook will use your data, and could abolish the voting system Facebook has in effect for privacy policy changes.

One of the sticky points about Facebook's voting system, though, is that it needs 30 percent of its users to vote on something for that vote to be binding. So, that means about 300 million people need to vote. So far, only 19,000 have weighed in by adding a comment, so it's likely these new updates will become the law of Facebook-land.

Concerns about the privacy of your information online are reasonable and real, and you shouldn't assume that anything you post as "private" on the Internet is going to stay that way. We're adults and need to use discretion and common sense when making decisions. If you're worried about things you're putting on Facebook, take them down. You still own your content. Use it wisely.

Do you worry about privacy on Facebook?


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