Pregnant Woman Shot by Man on Thanksgiving Miraculously Delivers Healthy Baby

gunAnd we thought Halle Berry had a violent Thanksgiving Day when her ex Gabriel Aubry had a scary confrontation with her current fiance! On Thursday in Albertville, Alabama, a man and his pregnant wife (whose names aren't being released until tomorrow since some family members have yet to be notified) had a horrifying showdown that resulted in a death ... and a birth.

Authorities say that despite being separated for several months, the man was invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the home of his estranged wife, who was eight months pregnant. Sometime after the meal, an argument began and the man shot the woman multiple times in the head. He then proceeded to shoot himself in the head. OMG!


Soon thereafter, both were taken by medical helicopter to the nearest hospital. The husband didn't survive, passing away on Saturday. But the woman did -- and gave birth today by C-section. The Marshall County District Attorney reported the development to local news outlet, also noting that both mother and child are doing OK. Thank goodness.

What an absolute nightmare for this family to have to endure. And on Thanksgiving weekend of all weekends. Of course this is an example of family dysfunction and holiday violence gone to the ultimate extreme. But it goes to show how abso-freakin'-lutely mental the holidays can make some people! Sad as it is, maybe it doesn't hurt to assume just about anyone could become a loose canon ... Or maybe this is a lesson to never to invite your ex to Thanksgiving?! (Not to mention that this makes me feel like we need stricter gun control laws, but that's a whole different story ...)

Either way, it's a miracle the mom and baby made it out of this tragedy alive and well. As horrific as this incident sounds, that's surely something to be thankful for.

What do you make of this horror story?

Image via kcdstm/Flickr

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