I Had No Wi-Fi for 3 Weeks but My Husband's Complaint Tweet Saved the Day

verizon truck
Hard at work restoring my cable and Wi-Fi!
If you doubt the value of social media, this will turn you into a believer. 

Twitter, well, a Tweet helped us get our cable and Wi-Fi restored in a matter of 12 hours -- after having been without it for three weeks. It all started with Hurricane Sandy. Like thousands of other people, we lost power -- and we know how lucky we are that this was all we lost. But this post is about how Twitter helped us get back into our normal routines.

After two weeks and an email to our local representative to get someone out to our house -- great crews from Ohio, Michigan, and California reconnected the wires that were taken down by some trees, and our fridge powered up. What they couldn't do was reattach the cable wires. Those stayed on the ground.


We called our cable company, told them about the downed wire, and got an appointment for someone to come out the following week. But when the guy got to us on that Saturday, he took one look at the downed wires and told us this sort of thing was beyond what he could do.

Really? Then why did they send you out? Because we were exceptionally clear on the phone, when setting up this appointment, what our problem was. Our frustration grew because we knew we were looking at another entire week with no cable or Wi-Fi. I work online, people. I was getting sick of hopping from Starbucks to Panera to the library.

Out of frustration, on Sunday morning, my husband, @Jaredames23, sent out this Tweet:

"I've always enjoyed Verizon bundle service but nothing works 3 weeks after #Sandy maybe it's time to move on... @aboshnack FIOS #Wifi"

It then got Tweeted by @baldvinny who said:

"jaredames23 wow, i am surprised. we had a generator for an afternoon and my fios fired right up. maybe @VerizonSupport can help"

Then VerizonSupport Tweeted @baldvinny:

"@baldvinny We're here to help, Vinny. Let us know if you're having any issues with your services. ^ARB-SA"

To which @baldvinny replied:

"@VerizonSupport talk to my man @jaredames23"

To which they replied:

"@baldvinny Will do! Thank you, Vinny. ^ARB-SA"

Next my husband got a Tweet asking him to follow @VerizonSupport so they could Direct Message him. He did and then what happened next was nothing short of AMAZING. The rep that was assigned to us took this on as if it was her personal mission to restore our service. Within ONE hour of his initial tweet we saw customer service like we'd never seen before.

By 5 p.m. on Sunday night there were two veterans from Verizon, Carmen Tillery and Ray Claudio, with 31 years of combined service, at our house surveying the scene. They told me they were not leaving until service was restored. And that's exactly what they did.

But it didn't end with them getting us up and running that night. They were back the next morning with a lineman (the guy that climbs up the pole) to make sure the cable was nice and high and out of our backyard. Plus, they called me throughout the day with updates! I mean -- when you are paying for a service, this is what you expect, right? But all too often we just take what we are given. Man -- did they spoil us. It was nothing less than white-glove service. All because of a simple Tweet.

The power of social media is not something to be taken lightly. We were able to reach decision makers at this company in a way we NEVER would have been able to in the past. Our voices were heard within minutes and our problem was fixed within 12 hours!

I am telling you ... if you aren't already ... get on the Twitter bandwagon. You may need it one day.

Do you Tweet? If not, would this make you consider getting an account?

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