5 Super Awesome iPhone Tricks You Never Knew Existed

iphoneCool iPhone, bro. What's it do besides FaceTime and take pictures that look like they're from the '70s? You don't know? That's crazy! Wasn't that thing, like, 9 million dollars? You should know about some of the super cool tricks it can do. You will know about some of the super cool tricks it can do. Because I'm here to tell you.

Mesmerize your friends! Fool your co-workers! Baffle your siblings! Here are 5 super cool iPhone tricks you probably never knew existed.


Siri will do your math. Probably never thought to ask Siri to figure out the tip on your restaurant bill, since you have a calculator, but why not? Hey, we're all a bit math-dumber from having phones on us 24:7 -- why not take it a step further and forget how to use calculators altogether?

Reply to incoming calls with texts. Easily. If you downloaded iOS 6 for your iPhone, you have the option to simply reply to a call with a text if you're unable to answer -- in one fell swoop. This option doesn't appear automatically, though, so you need to "swipe upward" from the bottom of the screen when it's ringing, and you'll see "Reply With Message." Also, you can customize your "automatic responses" with texts like "I'll call you later" or "I'm on my way."

Read like you're not on your phone. If you're reading The Stir on your phone right now, you're probably squinting. And squinting's annoying. But squint no more -- full-screen mode is here! If you downloaded iOS 6, Safari supplies a button called Reader at the top right of the URL bar. If it detects a text-heavy page, it will reformat what you're looking at into a full-screen mode, making it easier to read.

Don't let your kids -- or your friends -- snoop. If you're the kind of person who gets a little bit nervous when letting your kids play with your phone, out of fear they'll see a photo or something on Facebook that they shouldn't, Guided Access is your new best friend. In short, it lets you lock down your entire device save for the app that your little one wants open. Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Then set a passcode. When you want to use this feature, just open your app of choice, triple tap the home button, and hit the start button at the top right.

Camera shortcut. Most of you probably know this, but it's worth mentioning since it's a major game-changer. When you see something you really want to take a photo of, no need to unlock your phone and tap your camera. After hitting the home button on your iPhone, you'll see a little camera icon next to the "slide to unlock". Just swipe up, and your camera's ready to go.

What iPhone tricks do you know of?

Image via andrechinn/Flickr

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