Mysterious Donor Gives Very Rare Salvador Dali Etching to Goodwill

Salvador Dali paintingSomeone has a lot of good will toward Goodwill or at least they have a lot of world class art to spare. Currently, the thrift store is auctioning off an original work by famous painter Salvador Dali. The etching is currently going for $10,000, but will likely sell for a lot more.

Whoever donated this item clearly knew what they were doing and wanted to give something truly valuable. 

I don't know if it's because it's Thanksgiving time, but this story just kind of warms the heart. It's so sweet that someone would be willing to donate something worth so much rather than selling it themselves for a hefty profit. Of course, it's not as good a story as Antiques Roadshow.


Usually the story goes more like this: Man goes into Goodwill, finds exotic etching, brings it home, and ends up finding out it's from Dali. He then makes a ton of money and goes home happy, happy, happy.

Of course those stories never tell the other side. What happens to the poor person who sold that painting at a garage sale to the person who took it on Antiques Roadshow? It's worth $40,000 and they only got 40 cents! That's hardly fair.

Personally, I like this story a lot better because even though it lacks that element of surprise, it has something better: The money is going to a REALLY good cause. Yay!

I would love to see the price get jacked way up and end up helping so many people from one painting. It's true you never DO know what you might find in a thrift store. But in this case, everyone knows and the thrift store is going to laugh all the way to the bank.

The good guys win! It's so rare and so great.

How much do you think this will go for?


Image via Goodwill

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