Pistol-Packing Mom Gives Flasher the Scare of His Life

gunIt's not every day you're going for an evening stroll with your child and have to confront a creepy flasher! But that's exactly what happened to a woman in Longview, WA this past Wednesday evening, according to local police. The 35-year-old mom, her 6-year-old son, and their dog were reportedly taking a walk near Lake Sacajawea around 8:10 p.m. when a man approached her "aggressively," fumbling with his belt and saying, “Miss, miss. Could you watch this? You need to watch this.” He then sat down and began performing a sex act, according to the woman. Ughhhh!

While I can imagine being totally freaked out and not knowing what to do when faced with something as bizarro as this, the brave mom took major charge of the situation -- and pulled a gun on the guy! She explained, "I put the magazine in my gun. I cocked it. I said, 'You need to leave or I'll shoot you. I’m going to blow your brains out.'" OMG!


The guy reacted just as you would hope/think he would -- by yelping, “Oh, [expletive]!” and running away. And after that, the woman sent her "well-trained Norwegian Buhund Hound" after him. Incredible!

Thankfully, the woman's son didn't seem too fazed by the unnerving series of events. She explained, "I had him turn and face toward me. I stayed calm. I didn’t raise my voice. I don’t think he knew what was going on." Whew ... Still, what a frightening episode to go through. And how lucky was it that she had thought to bring her gun with her?

Though this incident definitely proves that every woman should have some form of self-defense at her disposal. I'm not typically a huge proponent of owning a gun. Mace, pepper spray, some black belt moves, maybe. But clearly, this mom made the right choice when she did decide to bring her Ruger .380 with her to the lake. She said she'd never done that before, but she grabbed it on her way out the door this time, because it was foggy and dark. She also "just had a feeling." Well, there you have it ... Goes to show sometimes it really does pay to trust your gut -- and be prepared!

How brave is this mom?! Would you ever carry a gun with you like she did?


Image via Robert Nelson/Flickr

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