5 Genuinely Awesome Holiday Pinterest Boards

pintersetPinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! The clever idea aggregate is popping up everywhere in your life -- even if you don't know it. Those cute lollipop topiary things you saw at your friend's kid's first birthday party? Pinterest. That funky reverse French manicure your office manager was rocking? Pinterest. And of course, those adorable, smart appetizers you had at a neighbor's party -- Pinterest.

It's all the rage, folks. If you're not on the Pinterest train, get on. 'Cause we're leaving with or without you. And you definitely don't want to miss these 5 seriously awesome Pinterest boards that will give you fantastic holiday inspiration.


Martha Stewart's "Dinner" Pinterest Board. Looking for yummy side dishes for your Thanksgiving turkey? Or creative ways to make a turkey? Look no further than Martha Stewart's "Dinner" board. The hostess with the mostest has everything you need at the click of a button.

Stacy Martin's "Thanksgiving" Pinterest Board. From holiday kids' crafts to cute centerpiece ideas, this board's got it all. And check out the rest of her boards while you're at it -- there's some good stuff in there.

Anthropologie's "Deck the Home" Pinterest Board. I mean, it's Anthro. Need I say more?

P.S. I Made This' "HoliDIYs" Pinterest Board. Love DIYing? This board -- and all of P.S. I Made This -- is for you. They're currently a little behind on this board (as in it's not yet overflowing with Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff), but you can find seriously cute ways to wrap gifts and make garland.

The Stir's "Thanksgiving 2012" Pinterest Board. If you're not following us already, that's just silly. Don't you know -- we've got GREAT ideas!

What are some Pinterest boards you love?


Image via Bunches and Bits {Karina}/Flickr

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