Watch Out, Pinterest: New Site Steals Pinboards Idea & Lets People Vote on Them

FaveryIt seems like every day there's a new social network asking us to set up new profiles, find new friends, and spend hours of our time puttering around on the Internet. Most of the new kids don't stick. (Google+, it would seem, isn't even popular with people who actually work at Google.) But there's one that might just be a great idea.

Check out Favery, a social network that takes Pinterest's pinboard idea and lets your friends weigh in. You can create boards with ideas and ask friends to vote on which they like best. Everything from nursery decorating ideas and the cutest holiday outfit to planning a baby shower can now become interactive.


I'm usually the first to roll my eyes when any new social network pops up. I can barely keep up with Facebook anymore, and my Google+ page is likely full of tumbleweeds. I enjoy Pinterest every time I go there, but it usually just makes me wish I could win the Mega Millions and go live happily ever after in all of those glorious rooms people pin. And I regularly forget that Tumblr exists.

Favery, though, seems to do something different. I love the idea of creating polls that my friends can weigh in on, rather than me sending Amazon links to each and every one of them when I want advice on buying something. (Do you like this lamp? Do you think it would look good in my living room?) It seems perfect for moms looking to get feedback on things they want to buy for their kids. I might even give it a try with the family this year to help plan the Thanksgiving menu, or to get opinions on some holiday gift ideas I've been tossing around.

It's like Facebook and Pinterest had a baby ... and it just might take off.

Would you create boards and polls for your friends to vote on with Favery?


Image via Jennifer Lawinski

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